Why so many groups?

The 912 groups need to be independent entities working within their communities to change their community. There is strength in numbers and if we all have the same ideals that we have as our foundational pillars, we should all be working toward the same goal of taking back America.

There can be supporting, sharing, communicating and meeting of and between the groups. Each group, being made up of different people, will display different talents, strengths and even weaknesses. Each group will have slightly different goals and points of focus depending on the location and situation of each group. Every group needs to be watching their local government as well those of the state and federal. This makes the groups joining together into a giant collective very unlikely as the leadership would never be able to satisfy the needs of every locale and group.

No one is locked into any one organization over another so they may be part of more than one 912 group. You are free to visit any of the 912 meetings, join any group and contribute as you see fit to any, all or none. If you are able to use your gifts and talents at multiple groups, this will benefit not only the groups but America as well.

If you have ideas that could help one or more 912 group, we would be glad to hear them. The old saying that the only dumb question is the one left unasked could be modified into “the only dumb idea…”. Please feel free to contact any of us at any time (reasonable hours) and we will listen/read what you have to say.


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