Kickoff Meeting Agenda

LowCountry 9-12 Project
June 24, 2010

Opening the Meeting

  • Welcome– Linda Ensor
  • Prayer– Bob Meriam
  • Pledge of Allegiance– Bob Becker
  • Opening statement– Bob Peeples

New Business

Proposal for By-Laws and Election of Officers– discussion led by Marty Thomas

  • By-Laws Committee– Charles Luettgen
  • Financial considerations– Bonnie Meriam
  • Committees– Marty Thomas
  • Membership/Publicity- Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi & Linda Ensor
  • Education- Linda Ensor
  • Fund Raising
  • Programs
  • Website- Bob Meriam
  • Events- Barbara Bates
  • Government Watchdogs: local, state, national
  • Suggestions for committees from membership

General Announcements

  • July 4th Rally at Palmetto Islands County Park- Susan Yates
  • August 28 Glenn Beck Rally- Susan Yates
  • Charleston Tea Party- Barbara Bates
  • 9-12 Rally in Washington DC- Linda Ensor
  • Goose Creek Book Club (“5,000 Year Leap” study) – Bob Becker

Closing Remarks – Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi!/LowCountry-912-Project/128572023841731

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