LowCountry at the Restoring Honor Rally

LowCountry 9/12 was ready to go!

(Note:  double-click on the photos to enlarge them)

LowCountry ralliers rode the red-eye special from Summerville into DC, leaving Friday night at 8:30 (or so) and arriving in DC at 8:30 (or so).  Kendra (above, with Art)  made a special banner for the back of the bus so that all the other ralliers who passed us (and there were a LOT of them) would know who we were.  Charleston Tea Party sent 6 buses.

Dana, Sue and Harold in front of the Washington Monument.  In an hour, the grass would be covered with lawn chairs and ralliers.  We met people from Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Atlanta, Massachusetts (surprised to find conservatives from there!) and many more.

No one got anywhere near the stage, including us.  But giant screens enabled all the ralliers to see Beck, Palin, King, and all the others easily.

The weather was perfect — humid, of course, but not too hot.  The crowds were huge, but we never saw anyone get angry, heard a cussword or saw a bit of litter left behind.

Although we were told not to bring signs, ralliers are creative!  This was the best flag, and I wish it had been for sale.

Back on the bus and headed for home, members got reacquainted, told non-members about the 9/12 Project and what we are hoping to achieve, and had a great time.

Sue (left) and Mary (right) exchanged lots of opinions and information before the bus got back to town.  Although the bus had lots of people who weren’t part of our group, we hope they soon will be.

There were only 2 signs, and they were both so ridiculous that people simply laughed at them when they came through the crowds.  The crowd at this rally had far more people in their 20s, 30s and 40s than ever before; EVERYONE gets it now.

And last but not least, our favorite part of the event (aside from food and the comradary we all enjoyed) was this gem of a van, which drove around and around.

And we couldn’t leave DC without visiting Abe… the Republican who freed the slaves and made Americans what we are today.  I wonder what he would think???

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One Response to LowCountry at the Restoring Honor Rally

  1. Jeff Reuer says:

    I tried not to watch Obama’s speech last night but I did sneak a peek. I think it was very, very sad that I was SUPRISED to see the American flag behind the president and one on his lapel.

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