Agenda July 2010

Welcome– Bob Becker

Prayer– Charles Luettgen

Pledge of Allegiance– Jeff Reuer

Values and Principles– Bryant Eiser and Savannah Bertoluzzi

Principle #1: America Is Good– Bob Peeples

Brief Address– Francisco, introduction by Linda Ensor

Minutes from June 24 meeting– copies on table

Treasury Report– Linda Ensor

Reports of Committees

Berkeley County Council– Jeff and June Reuer

Dorchester County Council– Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi

Dorchester District 2 School Board– Linda Ensor

Unfinished Business

Presentation of By-Laws– Charles Luettgen

Discussion/Vote on By-Laws

New Business

Lending Library– Carol and Doug Emery

Teen 9-12– Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi

Voter Registration– Bonnie Meriam

“Don’t Tread on Me” DVD– Jeff and June Reuer

Nominating Committee– Marty Thomas


Jim Pratt, envelopes available

Next Meeting- Thursday, August 19 – BP exec.

Aug. 7, 10:30 – Nicaraugan immigrant at the library

Closing Remarks– Bob Meriam

Joanne Jones at 718-877-0143 for buses to August 28 Glenn Beck Rally

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