Agenda Sept 2010

Pre-meeting videos- “In Memorium” and “8/28 Rally Highlights” – Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi

Welcome– Marty Thomas


Pledge of Allegiance– Bob Becker

Values and Principles– Principle #3- Marty Thomas

Minutes from August Meeting– copies on table

Treasury Report– Bob Meriam

Speaker- Sen. Glenn McConnell

Unfinished Business

By-Laws- Charles Luettgen

Voter Registration- Bonnie Merriam

Nominating Committee- Marty Thomas

New Business

Christmas Parade


8/28 Restoring Honor Rally- Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi

Cordoba Mosque Rally – Kendra Linkowski

Blue Star Mothers Christmas Stockings- Kendra Linkowski

Shooting lessons- Bob Becker

Announcement of speaker for October 21 meeting, Wendy Keefer- Linda Ensor

Closing Remarks– Marty


Charleston Tea Party Rock Concert and Voter Registration Drive- Sep. 26, 2:00 P.M., Wannamaker Park-

John Morlan Lecture Series- September 23, October 7 and 28, Sweetwater Grille

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