November speaker will discuss HR 111-5741

Larry Richardson of Myrtle Beach will be a guest speaker at the November meeting.

“Of all the bills they could possibly bring up for passage, the most dangerous for the future of our Country is H.R. 111-5741 (The Universal National Service Act),” Larry said in a phone conversation.  “While many say it has no chance, I say we cannot allow even the SLIGHTEST CHANCE that this bill will become law.  The best way to make sure we do not have to take up arms against such a President is to make sure this bill does not pass.”

The bill would require everyone between the ages of 18 and 42 to serve the country for two years.  It would also create a Civilian National Security Force.

When HR 111-5741 is going to be voted on (which is expected to be shortly before Christmas), volunteers organized by Operation Sit-In will flock to the Capitol to protest it.

Please go to: for more information.  Also, here is Larry’s Facebook link:!/profile.php?id=100001597222041

Also on the agenda is election of officers, plus an open discussion  of what we hope to accomplish in 2011. Our goal is input from every person in the room; your ideas and interests are what will make the LowCountry 9/12 a success or failure.

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