We need your ideas for 2011

By Linda Ensor

Now that the first hurdle (the November election) is behind us, the Tea Party and the 9/12 Project have established ourselves as a genuine viable force on the political horizon.

Our November meeting is going to be an open discussion of what the LowCountry 9/12 has accomplished and what direction we want to take for the next year.  Without goals and objectives, and specific actions we want to take, we run the risk of becoming just a monthly meeting rather than the action organization we want to be.

So tell us, now or at the meeting:  What are you most concerned about?  What would you like to pursue or want more information on?

If illegal immigration worries you, for example, there is much you can do.  Would you commit to getting at least 100 signatures on a petition?  If every 9/12er got 100 signatures, that would be 6,000 signatures to send to the legislature— definitely enough to make them notice it, don’t you agree?

Whatever your ideas are, we need to hear them!


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