Marines thank us for the Christmas Stockings

Subject: Thanks from the Marines of 1/8

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 17:22:39 +0430
I wanted to email you and personally thank you for all 
the Christmas stockings you all sent.  I received the box today
in the mail..and immediately sent it out to all my Marines
who are fighting on the forward lines..out in the middle of 
nowhere.  I can't thank you enough for your genuine support
for us over here in Afghanistan.  It's great Americans like you
who make our daily sacrifices so easy and serving so rewarding.
Thank you on behalf of all my Marines of 1st Battalion, 8th Marines (1/8) 

SgtMaj Steve Rice 
Sergeant Major Steve Rice 
1/8 Battalion Sergeant Major 
Musa Qal'eh District Center 
Helmand Province, Afghanistan 
VOSIP: 308-357-8202 
DSN:  318-358-7001 

(The LowCountry 9/12 donated $50 to help with postage
for the Blue Star Mother Christmas stocking project)

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