Berkeley County Council provides fireworks again

A packed house of residents were on hand tonight to take part in Berkeley County Council’s rules meeting.  Many of those in the audience are 9/12 Project and Tea Party members.

Supervisor Dan Davis had proposed the elimination of committees in favor of a monthly workshop. A surprise motion was made to keep the committee structure, but reduce the committees to 5 members each (each committee was previously the full 8 members of council.)  Councilman Tim Callanan then became heated, and said this would allow the four members of council who Supervisor Dan Davis often sides with in a tie-breaking vote to approve the members of each committee, stacking more powerful committees with themselves.

The proposal was agreed to by the four members Callahan referred to (Call, Shurlknight, Pinckney and Steve Davis). The tie-breaking vote was cast by Supervisor Davis in favor of the proposal.

Councilman Steve Davis announced slates of candidates to fill the committees. The group voted for the slate, and Supervisor Davis approved the slate. Supervisor Davis told News 2 he did not know about the slate of candidates prior to the meeting.

Posted by Greg A. on Jan. 4, 2011 – 11:05 p.m.

The majority nominated Steve Davis as assistant supervisor, then he produced a list of the nominations placing each supporter in the correct positions on the board to control all the most powerful committees, leaving the Conservative minority to the “fluff” committee chairs. The definition of a Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. Supervisor Davis, and council members Davis, Call, Pinckney, and Schurlknight did just that tonight as they now control the purse strings for Supervisor Davis. They have marginalized the Conservatives on the board to bystanders.

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