Curtis Loftis takes stand on public transparency

From: Steve Isom 
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 12:51 AM


This is short and important.

Today, Dr. Buddy Witherspoon and I attended (9:30AM) the first 
Budget and Control Board hearings in the larger room 110 at the 
Blatt Building.  This is the first time the B&CB has used a room 
large enough to accommodate the public.  Towards the end of the 
meeting the suggestion was made to revert back to previous,  more
 comfortable seating arrangements, that allows for body language
and eye contact communications.  The arrangement I viewed this
 morning appears to be very similar to the ones used by many 
governmental bodies.

I know of many city and county governments that have just such 
tables and chairs, in the same arrangement.  Curtis Loftis was the 
only member of the Budget and Control Board who defended 
transparency.  Watch this video:

- Steve

Dr. F. Steven "Steve" Isom, Ed.D.
South Carolina Sound Money Committee, Chairman

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