Learn about the Mideast from an expert

“Roots of Revolution: The origins of current unrest in the Middle East,” will be the topic by Dr. Christopher Wright, Professor of Middle East History and Islamic Studies at The Citadel.  The event is on Tuesday, March 15th, at the Knightsville United Methodist Church at 7 p.m.

Dr. Wright, a Summerville resident, will be back to talk about the Israel/Palestinian conflict at our regular meeting on Tuesday, June 7th.

A voluntary $3 donation.

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1 Response to Learn about the Mideast from an expert

  1. Bob says:

    Like you, I learned soooooo much. It makes me wonder what the world would look like today if the Europeans had left the Middle East alone. But the Brits and the French and Spanish did basically the same thing in South America I think, so who knows. I would have gladly listened for another hour or two and look forward to his next “class”.

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