Connor to run for SC GOP Chair

This morning a true conservative stepped up and announced his intention to run for the South Carolina GOP Chairmanship to replace Karen Floyd. You may remember Bill Conner. He was almost overwhelmingly endorsed by the Tea Party last year in his pursuit of the office of Lt Governor.

With Lin Bennett running for 1st Vice Chair of the state party we are starting to see a big influx of Tea Party supporters and 9/12 Project members seeking higher officer within the GOP.


As a guy who took the R out from behind his name nearly 10 years ago, this will go a long way towards getting me back involved with the party. We know the great job Lin has done in Charleston County over the last couple of years and now we need to support her and Bill as they seek leadership positions within the state party.

If you feel like I do that we are making progress in getting the GOP back to the conservative principles and values it was founded on, I urge you to do what you can to support Bill and Lin in their pursuit of state office.

Mark, West Ashley 9/12 Project

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One Response to Connor to run for SC GOP Chair

  1. Kimberly Sanchez says:

    We all know, Bill Connor should be our Lt. Governor. I’m sorry to say it, but Mr. Ard has turned out to be an embarassment. If the people of SC would have voted for Bill, the Repubs wouldn’t look be defending our Lt. Governor as they are Mr. Ard because we wouldn’t have any reason to be on the defensive. I am delighted to know Bill is running…maybe this time, the people of SC will have learned their lesson on this. I hope so.

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