Summerville candidates at May meeting

Summerville mayoral candidates Dr. Bill Lomax and Dickie Miler came to the May meeting.  Miler gave a short presentation and left due to another engagement; Lomax stayed and fielded questions throughout the evening.

Town council incumbent Bob Jackson also gave a good explanation of his agenda and the projects he hopes to continue, particularly the Pine Trace park development.  Jackson also stayed through the evening.  Having candidates who are willing to submit to such close examination is one great use of the 9/12 Project!

Bob and Gwen started the meeting with a really cute musical skit.

Several people spoke on the matricular consulate held recently at the North Charleston Convention Center.  Hosted by the Mexican Consulate in North Carolina, illegal aliens were the recipients of Mexican passports and photo IDs, which they can use in lieu of a US drivers license to apply for loans, schools, welfare, medical help, etc.

MUSC was doing some kind of free health screening and employers were handing out job applications.  When security forces realized who we were and that perhaps we were there because we didn’t approve of it, we were not allowed in the meeting room and told to sit in a designated area where 2 security guards could keep a very close eye on us at all times.  Since we looked more like your average church choir on a breakfast outing, that was pretty ridiculous — much like airport security searching 85-year-old grandmas.

Watching a steady stream of illegals coming and going, smiling and clearly not the least worried about being apprehended, really was illuminating to me.  I have since heard that about 2,000 passports were issued.   As a taxpayer who PAID for that event, I was quite angry over the entire thing.  These are held locally several times a year.

Members who had been to a presentation on the Muslim brotherhood and Shariah law in America explained what we had learned.  Of particular concern is the decision by the Dept. of Homeland Security to allow gigantic LNG (liquified natural gas) tankers, which have had to offload by pipeline far out of the harbors.  These will now be docked and offloaded in Boston Harbor and the Mystic River.

According to our speaker’s facts (which can be verified on Google), if there is a leak, a supertanker that size could destroy everything within a 50 mile radius.  My research showed that the mayor of Boston has fought this since 2001.  The security of many U.S. harbors is now in the hands of Mideasterners…

Which bring us to Lindsay Graham and whether it really is a good idea to dredge Charleston’s harbor, which could allow this type of tanker.   This is a serious national security issue, and one that is not as obvious it may have seemed.


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