What’s the real rift between Gov. Haley and Sen. McConnell?

From Jeff Reuer with the Goose Creek 9/12: To my friends who may already be aware of this, good for you. I want everyone I know to have no doubt about what is in play here. I have tried many times to post this on Face Book but for reasons unknown to me, my posts have been denied. I also sent this to Rocky D on WTMA but no response so far.

What I am talking about here is about the rift between Governor Nikki Haley and Senator President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell, which resulted in a lawsuit.

Governor Haley was interviewed by Richard Todd on WTMA’s “Morning Buzz” this morning. If you missed it, you can go to the radio web page and hear it. During the interview, the Governor stated that these 4 bills on her agenda list, which included the abolishing of the State Budget & Control Board, had been sitting on Senator McConnell’s desk since April 1. He did not bring them to the Senate floor until the last day of the regular session and then stated there was not enough time to get them passed before the session closed.

Why, you may ask, did Gov. Haley try to order them back into an extended regular session when they are going back on June 14 for a “Special Session?” During any regular or extended session, only a simple majority vote is needed to pass a bill. Under the rules of Sine Die in a special session anything not on the agenda requires a 2/3 vote to get any traction.

There were / are enough votes for a simple majority but not so under Sine Die even with Senator McConnell’s vote.

Do not think for a minute Sen. McConnell wasn’t aware of this, thus the lawsuit to stop an extended regular session. Now he can say he will vote “Aye” for the Governor’s bills as he did in the media today, knowing full well they will not pass regardless of how he votes.

Senator McConnell knowingly and purposely delayed these bills on April 1 and then killed them with his lawsuit, and yet he can tell the on informed public how he supports the Governor’s agenda and how he will vote for it.

What a scoundrel. He may have fooled us in the past but we are getting smarter, we are getting informed, and we will not allow him or any others to get away with these deceitful tactics anymore.

I also discussed this issue over coffee this morning with my State House Representative, Bill Crosby, to make sure I had my facts straight. He assured me I did. –Jeff

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