Freedom 21 is where we should be spending our time

1. John Perna lives in Columbia and has a very informative site you should visit.

2. The following text is a response I sent to someone else earlier and the info is worth sharing. He asked if A21 was being implemented locally (paraphrased).

I am not certain if the municipal entities are 100% aware of what they are involved in but, yes. Through initiatives labeled “smart growth”, “sustainable development”, “green plans” (even Jim Davis doesn’t acknowledge, or know, perhaps, the dangers of his involvement in Chas. City), “comprehensive plans”… All are code words.

At read the article (and watch video) on “sustainable dev: how to fight back” for an overview of how they work in existing groups like conference of Mayors (met recently in SC) and the EPA, HUD etc.

I have wanted to attend the Freedom 21 annual conference since I met Tom Deweese at Jekyll Island 2 years ago but haven’t been able to afford it. Maybe this year it will be on the East Coast. (2009 was Kansas City and 2010 was California. This should be a priority with ALL liberty groups.

Personally, I don’t think we should waste time on things like Fairtax, roads, etc. while the UN and Federal govt. are working furiously to steal all of our rights while we look the other way.

There is a big big time killer coming up: the presidential election!
That’s a great distraction! Unless we elect a real shaker-upper like Ron Paul, we won’t change the UN and shadow govt. plans. If we elect a status quo Republican, which is nearly all who have announced so far) we will be without recourse after 2013.

But this is not a discussion about who we should elect for President ….Kendra

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