Scott impressive at LowCountry meeting

The crowd of nearly 90 listened carefully as Rep. Scott gave his stance on raising the debt ceiling (there will have to be matching spending cuts), the war in Afghanistan (we won’t be out of there anytime soon) and how to revert the direction America

Tim gave a short talk, then answered questions for nearly an hour.

is heading (it will take 10 years).

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4 Responses to Scott impressive at LowCountry meeting

  1. I am glad I got there. Tim has really grown as a speaker and relates very well to the audience. I’m glad he still wants to dance with the girls what brung him. Thanks for arranging his visit. Great attendance.


  2. We had some info and speakers to share Agenda 21 info last night. Please send to others.
    Please at least watch these two videos. if you remember, I handed out a flyer meeting before last about A21 and Sustainable Development. This UN initiative will destroy private property and is all about global governance, NOT THE ENVIRONMENT as they elude.
    Thanks, Kendra Good short video

    And this one from Glenn Beck:

    A bill to get the US out of the UN and vice versa. Simple solution to rid the US of all UN bad programs.

  3. Greeeat meeeeting last night! Gooood Work! Now out do it!!! —Tommy

  4. That’s FANTASTIC you had such a big crowd for Tim! —Debbie

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