Obama says he’s ready to compromise…

But does he mean it?  For the first time, in this press conference he used the term “Progressives” twice.  His progressive socialist agenda is becoming more and more clear for all to see, if only they would.

Later in his speech, as he portrayed himself over and over as willing to compromise, after talking about Majority Leader John Boehner and the Republican caucus, the President made this statement:  “This is part of the problem, where folks are rewarded for saying irresponsible things to win elections or short-term political gain when we actually are in position to do something hard.”

In other words, there he is, Mr. Middle of the Road, while those crazy Republicans will just say anything, no matter how irresponsible (I thought in case you were too thick-headed to get it, as Brian Hicks as pointed out, I would make it very clear for you).

According to his repeated claims, among the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling and increasing taxes on those pesky capitalists who aren’t paying their fair share is that the money for college loans won’t be there, more teachers and firemen will lose their jobs, and job re-training (for nonexistent jobs) won’t be available.

According to Obama, it’s the middle class who will be hurt.  Really?  Not the very successful people at the top, who already pay about 40% of the taxes now?  If 48% of people in this country DON’T PAY ANY TAXES AT ALL, who’s paying them?  I’m guessing not all the people on welfare (there are 50% more of them since Obama took office),  not the seniors (since they don’t earn money any more), and not people on unemployment.  Who does that leave if not the business owners who create jobs?

Where in this speech was a nod asking unions, whose unrealistic hourly wages and benefits are killing the states that are dominated by them, to share the national pain?  If Obama wanted to make serious changes, he could learn from Scott Walker and Chris Christy.  But since union members are his reelection base, they are untouchable to this administration and forcibly encouraged.

It is apparent that while Obama does know what the people of his country want, he believes himself and his administration as far more capable of decision-making — and in fact he alluded to that at the press conference.

We must do everything we can to hold off this clearly socialist/fascist agenda  until 2012, and then take our country back.  It will never be the America we knew but hopefully it can still be a capitalist society with elected (not appointed) legislators again.

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