9.12 off to “Rediscovering God in America” conference

Five 9.12ers attended the “Rediscovering God in America” conference in Columbia July 18-19.   It was an outstanding event, led by and geared toward pastors, who were encouraged to step up and  be bolder in their sermons about what’s happening to our country.  Abortions and same-sex marriages were a frequent topic of concern, as was the secular drive to remove God from all public places.

Michelle & 9.12ers

LowCountry 9.12ers Dana (left), Linda (2nd from right) and Mt. Pleasant 9.12er Debby were proud to pose with Michelle Bachmann.

Bachmann, Rand Paul, Newt Ginigrich were all speakers — not as campaigners, but as those who agree that America is in trouble and we can help fix it.  Rick Perry was also “there” by simulcast, to promote a Day of Prayer he is hosting in a football stadium in Houston on August 6th.  Could we do the same thing here?

Historian David Barton was the primary moderator. One

Historian David Barton and Debbie

aspect he spoke on that  fascinated the group was black history we had never heard.  One example he gave were that there were former slaves who became Congressmen very shortly after being freed.

The more we become involved in the activities around us, the more opportunities we find like this one.

This conference was dynamic, informational, and uplifting.  I wish all of you could have been  there!

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One Response to 9.12 off to “Rediscovering God in America” conference

  1. Debbie Jones says:

    This really was a great conference! Met some wonderful folks, and heard amazing speakers!

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