Would you like us to start a DVD library?

What about starting a CD/DVD/audio CD library?  There’s some good stuff out there.  I hate to give up on books, and there are a few I think we could buy.  We could also donate them to the library, Pinewood Prep, a church school, etc.


Here are some suggestions; please give us your comments and suggestions to buy:

Rothschild’s Choice: Obama, $22.49 at Amazon
Endgame:  Blueprint for Global Enslavement, $12.99  (a member has)
Shadow Government, $12.99    (a member has)
Gasland, $12.49
5,000 Year Leap

National Center for Constitutional Studies:

  The Real George Washington, $9.95/audio book

  The Real Thomas Jefferson, $9.95 (books only)

The Real Benjamin Franklin, $9.95 (book)

  A More Perfect Union, $9.95/CD

  A More Perfect Union (education DVD), Constitutional Convention of 1787, $19.95

Then there’s Jim Demint’s new book, America Awakening,

Outrageous Indignation, by Andrew Breitbart (who broke the Anthony Weiner story)

The Secret Knowledge; How they have changed America’s culture, by David Mamet (playwright and former liberal)

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