News media misses the story again… Executive Order #94

Since Friday, every single news network has been totally immersed in Hurricane Irene.  Everything else remotely newsworthy around the world came to a screeching halt in the U.S. as reporters endlessly guesstimated where the hurricane would hit, how big it would be, how bad it would be, then revised it all minute by minute.

In the meantime, our President was hard at work behind the scenes (where he seems to do his best work), issuing executive order #94: the creation of the Office of Diversity.  It reads:

“By this order, I am directing executive departments and agencies to develop and implement a more comprehensive, integrated, and strategic focus on diversity and inclusion as a key component of their human resources strategies.”

Apparently, since the President was successful in firing the CEO of General Motors, he is now going to take on all the Human Resources Departments across America.  Hiring the best candidate for the job is already difficult; it’s about to become far more so.

According to The New American’s website (see below), “Besides the obvious lack of constitutional authority for the federal government to engage in such a task, some observers are wondering why the federal government appears more concerned by the ethnicity or race of those who work for it than for the capabilities and qualifications of those workers.”

Apparently Mr. Obama heard Maxine Waters’ criticism and is taking it seriously.

It will be frightening to see what other plans he will roll out between now and November 2012.  We can only pray that some reporter, somewhere, will pick up on them, but the constant distractions of debt ceilings, hurricanes, and other smoke screens make that appear unlikely.

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