February 7, 2012

LowCountry 9.12 Project Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Linda Ensor.
Bill Hanna opened with prayer; he led Pledge of Allegiance; asked for volunteers who wish to pray for future meetings.
–Holiday Inn Express will the permanent meeting place.
–Principle # 2: “I believe in God and He is the Creator of my life.”, briefly presented by Bill Hanna reminding everyone of 12 Values/9 Principles on which LowCountry 9.12 Project is based.  A Principle or Value will be presented at each meeting.
–New officerʼs voted on and approved.
President: Linda Ensor
First Vice President: Carol Emory
Second Vice President: Bill Hanna
Secretary: JoAnn Helms
Treasurer: Bob Peeples

Fundraising: Steve and Judy Anderson; (need volunteers)

Treasurerʼs report by Bob Peeples, read/approved.

Update re: The law suit has been resolved.
–John Steinberger Presented his book and spoke re: Whatʼs Fair about the Fair Tax? It offers 300 tax exemptions! Used cars would not be taxed. Educate yourself by the following:
How can you help?
*Sign up for eNewsletter at SCFairTax.org;
*Make a contribution;
*Become a fan on Facebook;
*Write a letter to Post and Courier– letters@postandcourier.com;
*Ask for Gov. Haleyʼs support– http://www.governor.sc.gov or call 803.734.2100
*Ask for Bobby Harrellʼs support at 572.1500
*Contact Brian White–sc.gov Ways and Means Committee
*Contact Larry Grooms
–Update Reports on:
1. Myrtle Beach Tea Party Convention; Jeff Reeves said it was a great meeting at low cost to attendees. Encouraged everyone plan to attend next time.
2. Sheriff Mack; Kendra informed everyone about the importance of the involvement of the local sheriff in issues and for us to educate ourselves at http://www.sheriffmack.com.

Vote on 2 Bills: a. H4128 Sound Money Bill; b. #3490 Enforcement International Law. She explained Jasper Industrial Park regarding the I-95 Corridor and the land and counties the Federal Government would engulf if the bill had passed.
3. “Stopping the I-95 Corridor Authority”: Importance of involvement in issues affecting our communities and lives. The bill was not passed but anticipate it will resurface and we will
need to be diligent in our efforts in the future. Angie Crum opened a discussion as to why 9.12
is opposed to the Bill to which she feels has so much merit for the Corridor of Shame and the
people who live there. Kendra explained reasons as to why we opposed the bill.
” 4. Linda Ensor and Debbie Jones described their trip to Columbia to see elected
officials in action ( or not). They encouraged others to go to see their Congressional leaders. 5. School choice handouts, T-shirts by Freedom Works.
–Bill Hanna has volunteered to handle the DVD and Book library for members use. Materials can be checked out for 1 month.
–Cheryl Fennell: Tim Scott will hold a Constituents Meeting on March 13, from 12-2 PM.
–Arthur LaBruce: short brief of ETVʼs , “Underground Railroad” program.
–Visitor, Janet Frisco presented “Threats Against Religious Liberty” and Administrationʼs assault
on the Catholic Church. Visit http://www.usctv.org/conscious for details.

March 6 — TBA
April 3 — General James E. Livingston, Ret.
— State Attorney General Allen Wilson: on the NLRB, voter ID, etc.
May 1 — Eric Lethco, Pastor, Old Fort Baptist Church: A Comparison of the Bible to the ”
Feb. 11– Activist Training Session by the American Majority
” $25.00 per person (includes lunch)
City of Hanahan Council Chambers—9 am to 3 pm. Sponsored by the Goose ”
” Creek 9.12 Project
Feb. 20- April 30 — Constitution 101 (the meaning and history of the Constitution). Free ”
” online class by Hilldale College! http://www.hillsdaleoffer/constitution101.
Agenda 21: An action plan of the United Nations that promotes sustainable development and
the redistribution of wealth. It is a comprehensive blueprint fo action that is being implemented globally and locally. Watch for words sustainable, green, etc.
ICLEI USA : is the leading membership association of cities and counties committed to climate protection, clean energy, and sustainability. SC members; Charleston, Sumter, Greenville

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