A quick overview

We are a group of conservative Americans who want to do everything possible to keep America safe from its enemies within as well as without. Members can choose from committees on local/state/federal politics, education, immigration, fundraising, programs, coordinating with similar groups, and others as we develop ways we can be more effective.


3 Responses to A quick overview

  1. captelaine says:

    It’s me… can you list me as an admin here? Elaine Magliacane… I already have a word press user id… it is captelaine I can provide any other info you may need to set me up… just e-mail me at emagliacane at gmail dot com

    • Hey, Elaine — you sent this to me last year, and I wasn’t sure who you were, so I don’t think I responded. I’m lurching along here, but I know you could make the site look better… could you give me some pointers? Linda

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