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How headlines lead our thinking

How headlines can deceive   The headline “Blacks denied home loans” in a recent Post & Courier article misrepresented the overall point of the article, which is that people with bad credit ratings are denied home loans.  That they are … Continue reading

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Seeing America as others see us…

Are you willing to stretch yourself enough to read the news as it’s written in other countries?  Here are some recent articles from The Telegraph (London) and Al Jazeera.  They might surprise you…  You might have to do a search … Continue reading

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Did the State of the Union impress anyone?

How did the State of the Union resonate overseas?  Read Janet Daley’s column in the London Telegraph:


Is The Secretary of Health the most powerful woman in America?

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review magazine, believes she is.  Read his column on the power Sec. Kathleen Sebelius now wields.  It was in the Post & Courier but you can read it on the National Review website:

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Under-reported stories from 2010

Everyone has their own opinions on the most under-covered stories last year, but WorldNetDaily’s Bob Unruh also came up with his choice of the most covered-up story, that of President Obama’s birth certificate.  Even after a former senior elections clerk … Continue reading

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