All regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.  The meetings are held at the Holiday Inn Express, just off I-26 at exit 199.  Social get-together 6:30 to 7; meeting will start at 7.   $3 donation.

September 2012 — “Drs. Russell Sobel and Peter Calcagno will discuss the state’s economic situation and how South Carolina’s policies can be reformed to create an environment conducive to capitalism and economic growth.  Dr. Sobel is an economics professor at The Citadel, Dr. Calcagno at the College of Charleston.  They co-authored “Unleashing Capitalism,” in which they explain how fewer government regulations and less taxation enables smaller businesses to flourish.

October 2 – How YOU Can Have an Impact on Election Day!  with FreedomWorks   BY personal phone calls and post cards, you might influence a vote in Florida, Wisconsin or Ohio… your choice of states.

*November 6 – Watch the returns with all the 9.12;s at the Bighorn Restaurant on Rivers Avenue

 December 4 – What Did Nov. 6 Really Mean?– if you haven’t met and heard Sen. Tom Davis from Beaufort, this will be an experience.  


Jan. 3, 2012 –– REPRESENTATIVES from the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES, 6:30 until 7:30.  Regular meeting staring at 7:30.  **

OUR REGION/OUR PLAN DISCUSSION with OR/OP Chair Larry Hargett in support and Rob Durbin, against.  Also to be discussed:  meeting with our Representatives Jenny Horne and Chris Murphy about the I-95 Corridor Authority, and more.

December 2011 — Corey Norris, Lexington Tea Party, and a volunteer from Oathkeepers to talk about the Sheriff Mack Project.

Nov. — State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mick Zais

October 2011– Panel discussion on how the national economy is impacting our local business owners.

September 2011 Sen. Mike Rose will give a report on what other states are doing about health care in general and health insurance exchanges in particular.  He is the Senate’s appointee to the Governor’s Health Planning Committee.

Aug. 2 — Constitutional lawyer Wendy Keefer returns to talk about Agenda 21.  Mt. Pleasant members Rebecca and Bill will give a short description of Agenda 21. Privatizing Our Schools (and other local school issues) by Charles and Linda.

July 2011 — Rep. Tim Scott

June 2011 Chris Wright, PhD, on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Dr. Wright, Professor of Middle East History and Islamic Studies at The Citadel, says both sides have a valid point of view.

May 2011 — Town of Summerville mayoral and town council candidates.  If you live in Dorchester County, their decisions affect you even if you don’t live inside the town.  Find out what their view of our future is.  Is it yours?  7:00 — Regular meeting.

April — MOVED TO JUNE 7TH !!!

April — Regular monthly meeting.

March — Dr. Chris Wright, Professor of Middle East History and Islamic Studies at The Citadel, gave an excellent presentation on the Mideast, with a history lesson on the origins of the countries and their leaders.  It all makes a lot more sense now!

March 2011 — Constitutional lawyer Wendy Keefer walked us through the Wikileaks maze.  Who’s ultimately responsible?  Not the guy who put it all on the internet, she says, but the one who actually took all those documents.   We hope Mrs. Keefer will come back again and again… she makes the issues so easy to understand.

Feb. 1 Wiley Johnson on “Getting Involved.” It’s time to pick what really matters to you, and join with others who have the same interests and concerns!

(Regular monthly meetings)

Oct.21 — Constitutional lawyer Wendy Keefer will be speaking on illegal immigration, including what the states can do about it if the federal government doesn’t



  1. If that meeting lasts until 12 a.m., we’ll need pajamas! Thanks. It should be over by 9, latest.

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