We are a pro-active grassroots movement that is searching for ways to make a difference, both locally, statewide and federally.

The group will focus on hands-on action:  direct and consistent involvement with school boards and county councils, as well as state federal and legislators.  We will continue to have a very visible presence at county fairs and local events, talking to as many people as we can about current issues confronting our country and state.

We will be hosting panel discussions, book clubs and other forms of education.  The group will be coordinating with all the other conservative groups in the greater Charleston area.

Join us as we join in the battle for America.

Linda, 442-7774



  1. We’re so sorry that you have been victimized by a Charleston attorney at the behest of Righthaven, LLC. Please don’t cave in to them. They’re a sorry lot.

  2. Jive Dadson says:

    I am thrilled that someone is taking on RightHaven!

    Something has always puzzled me about their business model, and I hope you will talk to your lawyer about it.

    I do not see how RightHaven can claim any damage at all. If I understand correctly, they buy the copyrights with the knowledge and belief that the articles have already been quoted on the allegedly infringing web sites. They buy them BECAUSE of that knowledge and belief. Other articles are of no value to them. What possible basis is there for claiming harm? If I buy a used car with a dented fender, a dent that I know about when I negotiate the price, can I sue a third party who I claim dented the car? Can I make a business of buying beat-up used cars and suing people who I claim dented them?

    That is ridiculous. But the articles that RightHaven buys are not nearly as valuable as used cars. Most probably have no value at all. They are stale. In any case, RightHaven does not re-publish them. Their suits are shake-downs, bearing no relation to any actual harm suffered by RightHaven LLC.

    I say, no harm, no torts.

  3. Debbie G. Brownfield says:

    When is your next meeting and where? I can’t seem to find the info for September on your website.

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