Minutes from November 2011 — Dr. Zais

Minutes from November 1, 2011 meeting

The November meeting of the Lowcountry 9-12 Project was held on Tuesday, November 1, 2011.  Dana Eiser-Bertoluzzi opened the meeting and welcomed those attending.  There were 67 present.  Jerry Zeigler invited members and guests to attend the Agenda 21 meeting on November 9 at the Oasis Grill.

Guest speakers  were Larry Kobrovsky, member of the State School Board (on left), and Dr. Mick Zais (right), State Superintendant of Education.  Mr. Kobrovsky explained that the state board is made up of 16 members, one  appointed from each judicial district. 

Dr. Zais explained his values and beliefs:

  • Poor children can learn
  • No child should be forced to attend a failing school.
  • More money and smaller classes don’t work.

He believes the key to better education is the ability to read by third grade.  He believes that education should not be a “one size fits all,” but parents should have options from which to choose.  School boards should not be involved in hiring.  Teachers need the ability to maintain discipline in the classroom.  He believes in pay for performance for teachers.  He believes that the IB program presents a world view without teaching American exceptionalism.

After a question-and- answer period and input from members on the I-95 Corridor Authority and Agenda 21, the meeting was adjourned.

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1 Response to Minutes from November 2011 — Dr. Zais

  1. Dr. Zais is doing exactly what he promised to do when he ran for election. It’s hard to understand why the media and the school board members are so blind to the many negatives of taking federal funding. Money isn’t the problem with our schools; Dr. Zais has logical answers that could work if only they would give him a chance.

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